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    Custom Track & Field / Cross Country Uniforms

    For indoor/outdoor track & field and cross-country teams, one- and two-piece custom uniforms, which are manufactured in the U.S. from the finest lightweight fabrics, allow total freedom of movement and a competitive edge.

    Whether your youth, adult men’s or women’s team needs traditional or compression styles, Clutch is your source for high-quality, stylish team uniforms for both indoor and outdoor programs.

    Loosely fitting traditional shorts, which allow a full range of movement, keeps runners cool and comfortable. Compression track garments, also referred to as speed suits, are made from tight-fitting, elastic fabric, which increases blood circulation to some muscles, slightly enhancing performance. Speed suits are made from Lycra® fabric with the best four-way stretch technology in the industry. The garments are sewn together using a custom Merrow® locked stitch that stretches as much as the Lycra®. The speed suits are assembled with a level of detail that ensures the fabric molds perfectly to the body, reducing wind resistance and delivering completely unrestricted movement.

    Custom Track & Field and Cross-Country Team Jerseys and Shorts

    For teams that prefer a two-piece uniform, a wide array of jerseys and matching shorts are available. The jerseys have taped necks and armholes as well as hemmed bottoms for durability. Shorts are available in a range of colors and patterns and may include side inserts to match those on the jersey. Some styles of track shorts are available in different lengths. All jerseys and shorts are custom-made to your exact specifications.


    While professional screen printing is available, state-of-the-art, made-in-the-U.S. sublimation process, which is less expensive, also produces the lightest, most comfortable and durable uniforms on the market. Sublimation allows your team uniforms to be designed in any color combination and with any lettering or graphics you desire.

    Sublimation is the highest-level process that can be used for a track uniform. Because the decoration is dyed into the fabric, it is completely weightless and allows the garment to retain its moisture-managing properties, even in the areas that are printed.

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