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    Custom Football Uniforms – Clutch In Design & Performance

    With quality, custom football uniforms for youth, flag, 7 on 7, high school, college and professional teams, every football uniform is made from scratch. These are high-quality uniforms made with many of the same fabrics used in major collegiate and professional programs. These football uniforms are made to last. All sublimation, screen printing, embroidery and tackle work is completed timely and with the highest focus on quality. With a U.S.-based sublimation process, your team can have more creative designs for pants and jerseys, often for less cost. Sublimation allows any design you can imagine, while ensuring garments are as lightweight as possible to allow your players unrestricted movement to give them the competitive edge.

    Custom Football Uniforms

    We offer a vast selection of youth and adult football uniforms, all of which can be customized. We provide you with exactly what you need or work with you directly to determine what works best for your program and budget, whether you are a local team or a professional organization.

    Football Jerseys

    We create top of the line, custom football jerseys to outfit everyone on the team. No matter the level of your program, the same quality fabrics are used. Made-in-the-USA, full-length, stretch mesh jerseys are more durable than name-brand, top-level options, and they are customizable. They are available in various sleeve lengths and sizes to fit the preferences and needs of different teams, positions and players.

    Football Pants

    Custom football pants available vary in weight and a full range of sizes. You select the colors and patterns to match your jerseys for a look that fits your team.

    Flag Football Uniforms

    We offer traditional or modern flag football uniforms customized with colors and designs which are not limited to the style restrictions of a school team.

    7 on 7 Uniforms

    We provide varied jersey styles to fit 7 on 7 passing leagues, where you can choose from sleeve length options and customize design, colors and patterns.

    Football Practice Jerseys & Pants

    Cost effective practice jerseys and pants are also available.

    Youth Football Uniforms

    With the same quality as high school, college and adult teams, youth league uniforms can also be customized with colors and patterns to match your school or community colors, or you can design a completely new style.

    Customization in the Clutch

    Customization options allow you to create something unique and specific to your team. Utilizing sublimation to customize lightweight garments using any colors and any pattern, no matter how imaginative. Your design is applied to white fabric, which is then cut and sewn into the uniforms. These are lightweight, durable and uniquely styled football uniforms to separate your program from the rest.

    For traditional uniforms, screen-printing, tackle twill and embroidery are utilized with decoration, lettering and numbering processes held to the highest standards of quality as the uniforms themselves.

    Practice Gear and Accessories

    In addition to custom-made, professional-quality game jerseys and pants, accessories that have your team standout above the rest are also available. Anything from practice jerseys and pants, socks, shorts, T-shirts, sublimated skullcaps, embroidered polo shirts for coaches, sideline jackets and screen-printed tee-shirts and sweatpants for parents and fans.

    Football Pants Options

    We want all individuals and all programs to be able to play football, stay safe and look good in the process. If cost is an issue, we can work with you to find quality pants from other manufacturers.

    Large Sizes Available (Up to 5XL)

    For jerseys, pants, practice jerseys/pants and accessories, all sizes are available from youth sizes to adult sizes, including XL, XXL (2XL), XXXL (3XL), XXXXL (4XL) and XXXXXL (5XL).

    Football Jersery

    dark 12
    white 7

    Football Jersery

    dark 2
    blue 5

    Youth Football Jersey

    white 10
    orange 19

    Football Pant
    LX • Men and Youth

    orange pants
    black pants

    Football Pant
    L5 • Men and Youth

    Football Pant Side Inserts
    LX • Men and Youth

    Football Pant Side Inserts
    L5 • Men and Women

    Football Pant Other Manufacture
    Men's and Youth (Budget)

    7 on 7
    Men • Women • Youth

    gray 7
    gray pacers 6

    7 on 7
    Men • Women • Youth

    7 on 7
    Men • Women • outh

    Flag Football
    Men • Women • Youth

    white 18

    Flag Football
    Men • Women • Youth

    bulls 11 white

    Flag Football
    Men • Women • Youth

    orange 22 lakers