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    Sports Uniforms

    Clutch can create custom uniforms for almost any sport.
    Give big when you buy with Clutch.


    Football Uniforms

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    Basketball Uniforms

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    Baseball Uniforms

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    Softball Uniforms

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    Field Hockey Uniforms

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    Lacrosse Uniforms

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    Soccer Uniforms

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    Volleyball Uniforms

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    Track & Field / Cross Country Uniforms

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    Wrestling Uniforms

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    Orders & Fulfillment

    Every piece of apparel which CLUTCH manufactures is made from scratch. Expertly cut and sewn in America. With a focus on quality and performance, just like the athletes who wear them, we utilize only the finest athletic fabrics. In addition to assembly, all printing, embroidery and tackle twill work is done on premises with a consistent focus on quality, detail and perfection meeting the high expectations of our customers regardless of the custom requirements.

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    At CLUTCH, our attention to details and quality are in every aspect of production: From the designs and materials we use to the cutting, sewing, printing, packing and shipping, and the teams which make it all possible. We work as hard as the people who wear our products. CLUTCH means the right performance at the right time, consistently. Our products stand for quality and performance. And you can see it in every stich.


    Your order is not fully sewn until all design and decoration is complete.
    Why does CLUTCH do this?

    First, working with flat (unassembled) pieces allow us to produce a print quality, which is far superior to that which could be achieved on completed garments. Second, if the designs are not perfect, we simply cut another piece and reprint it, without having to completely redo the garment. Because our competitors do not do this, we are able to deliver your uniforms more quickly.

    Highly-trained, experienced American workers assemble garments using only the finest threads, zippers, buttons and more, regardless of cost. When the sewing is complete, your order is inspected once more, and if it is not perfect, it is disassembled and sewn again.


    Your order is inspected and counted one last time before being prepared for delivery. After your garments are checked for quality one last time, they are steam pressed, folded and professionally boxed. Orders ship daily via UPS, and all boxes contain a detailed packing list with a thorough accounting of your order.

    Our goal is to get your merchandise to you quickly. Typical shipping from order placement to delivery is two to four weeks. Should you need it sooner, we will do everything we can to expedite your order in as little as one week.

    Trim & Braid Patterns

    In addition to the many trim patterns, we can incorporate your own custom designs into your uniforms.

    • Standard Trim & Braid Patterns
    • Jacquard Patterns

    Production Methods

    Every piece of apparel which CLUTCH manufactures is made from scratch. Expertly cut and sewn in America. With a focus on quality and performance, just like the athletes who wear them, we utilize only the finest athletic fabrics. In addition to assembly, all printing, embroidery and tackle twill work is done on premises with a consistent focus on quality, detail and perfection meeting the high expectations of our customers regardless of the custom requirements.

    Neck Styles


    CLUTCH offers a wide variety of neck options for your jerseys. Depending on your sport, you may be able to choose from among many options.

    Available Styles
    • Two-Button Placket Neck
    • Cross-Over Round Neck
    • Cross-Over V-Neck
    • Flat V-Neck (Open)
    • Flat V-Neck (Open with Accent)
    • Flat V-Neck (Stitched)
    • Hemmed Self Material Neck
    • Johnny Collar
    • Lacrosse Neck
    • Mitered V-Neck
    • Round Neck


    All fabrics are tested thoroughly before they are incorporated into your garments. As experts in finding the best fabrics, we work directly with customers to determine how they are best used.

    Your order begins with your fabric selection from a vast inventory of quality athletic fabrics in popular athletic colors. After your fabric has been chosen, your order is professionally cut in the exact sizes and to the exact specifications you indicated. The various pieces of your garments are then bundled together and tagged, and will remain together throughout the entire production process.

    Fabric Types


    AX - Fight Short Fabric A specialty fabric carried only for our fight shorts. It's very stiff, rugged, and strong. The fabric sublimates beautifully and is pill and snag resistant.

    CX - Medium Traditional Polyester Our least expensive non-mesh fabric works fine for tops, and whi le sufficiently heavy for tackle twill, it is generally not heavy en ough for baseball/softball pants, except for youth. White fabric sublimates well and colors can be screen printed with poly ink. The fabric is available in many colors.

    C4 - Heavy Premium Polyester Compared with regular CX cloth, this fabric is heavier and has more stretch and a softer hand. We stock white and gray made in dye lots and carry colors, too. The white and gray are a little nicer. White sublimates well. This fabric is heavy enough for baseball or softball pants and for tackle twill.

    HX - 100-Denier Pro Mesh Heavy, textured eyelet mesh fabric is strong and durable as well as comfortable and breathable. The holes are larger than those in micro mesh fabric. This fabric is used for professional-quality basketball and football jerseys. The white is polyester and the colors are made from nylon. This fabric handles sublimation, screen printing and tackle twill.

    H5 - Premium Stretch Mesh Our premier, top quality football fabric. It has greater strength than our HX cloth, and adds even more stretch making the football jersey mold to your pads, and your body.

    H7 - 70-Denier Pro Mesh This is a 70-denier version of our H cloth. It is constructed of polyester in all colors and is our least expensive fabric of any kind. We use this fabric almost exclusively for two-ply shorts and reversible practice jerseys. It can be screen printed and sublimated.

    IX - Heavyweight Dazzle This heavy, shiny woven fabric has almost no stretch and is primarily used for football jersey yokes only; it is too heavy for most other uses. The white is polyester while the colors are nylon. This fabric sublimates well.

    I5 - Medium Weight Dazzle The I5 fabric is much more versatile than the heavyweight dazzl e. It has no stretch, but it has more sheen and a weight that is more comfortable to use in basketball and many other sports. The white is polyester and the colors are nylon. The white sublimates very well and is also heavy enough for tackle twill.

    LX - Heavyweight Football Lycra® Cisco's L cloth, our most expensive fabric, makes an excellent football pant. This NFL-weight Lycra® has a lot of stretch, but it is too heavy for uses other than football. The white is 92/8 poly/spandex and colors are 92 percent nylon. We can sublimate or embroider this fabric; it doesn't work well with screen printing or tackle twi ll.

    MX - Lightweight Lycra® While M cloth is the perfect wrestling fabric, it also makes a nice mid-weight compression top for many sports. Generally speaking, this fabric is too light to be used in shorts. Sublimation is the only option.

    M7 - Ultra Lightweight Poly Lycra® This is our lightest weight of Lycra. It's great for compressio n tops and soccer jerseys. It's extremely comfortable on the skin.

    QX - Wicking Pin Dot Mesh Q cloth is a new lightweight polyester pin-dot material that has a variety of uses. This soft, comfortable fabric has a little more stretch than most meshes. Lightweight enough to be used for premium- quality, two-ply jerseys and shorts, Q cloth also makes a nice lightweight single-ply jersey. This fabric can be decorated only with sublimation.

    RX - Athletic Pin Dot Fleece Soft fleece provides warmth, comfort and moisture management to wick sweat. This performance fabric is used for warmups, long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts. Sublimation is the only option.

    UX - Ultra Light Smooth-Faced Poly This strong fabric is generally used for sports that require a lighter weight, breathable fabric. It features moisture management that wicks sweat off the body, leaving athletes cool and dry. Smooth fabric prints beautifully and offers water resistance.

    Poly Mock Mesh 100 - percent polyester Z cloth is very soft and comfortable. Mock mesh provides good - but not great - stretch, and it can be screen printed with poly ink or sublimated. This fabric works well for almost any non-contact sport. We carry poly mock mesh in four versions:

    • ZX - Medium Weight Poly Mock Mesh
    • Z5 - Heavy Snag-Resist Poly Mock Mesh
    • Z8 - Lightweight Poly Mock Mesh
    • Z9 - Light Snag-Resist Poly Mock Mesh

    Lettering & Numbering

    Decorating players' uniforms with their team logo, name and/or number increases confidence and team spirit, which helps to improve performance. When it comes to graphics and lettering capabilities, CLUTCH means quality. We offer professional-quality screen printing, Swiss embroidery, tackle twill and appliqué work, and we can combine several of these processes to achieve the look you want. We use your design or create one for you, and you can approve the final copy before anything is printed.

    View Fonts

    Numbering Styles

    Lettering Font Types

    Lettering Process
    • We use only the finest-quality inks, threads and twill.
    • We specialize in “athletic” lettering. We know the look you want.
    • Individual names are screen printed or tackle twill (the professional way).
    • All our lettering is permanent. We do not heat-seal.
    • Our lettering is held to the same strict standards as our uniforms.
    • We offer all standard numbering styles for Jerzies and team uniforms.


    Sublimation is a process that allows us almost unlimited creativity, as it permits us to create pretty much whatever lettering style you want. In sublimation, the colors, pattern and lettering are applied at the same time to white fabric, which is then cut and sewn into your uniforms. No weight is added, and the graphics and lettering never peel or fade.


    Screen printing involves applying a plastic-based ink to your garment(s) and then “curing” it by subjecting the ink to high temperatures in our conveyor dryers. This produces a durable, permanent imprint that lasts for years. The graphics capabilities with screen printing are almost limitless. If you don’t see your preferred lettering style above, we have hundreds more!


    We produce tackle twill lettering and designs by cutting heavyweight polyester twill and sewing these directly onto your garments. We use the heaviest, most colorfast twill (the same twill used by Major League Baseball), and all lettering and designs are cut in-house on our computerized, laser-cutting equipment. This capability gives us the potential to produce tackle twill designs in almost the same unlimited variety as with screen printing and embroidery.


    In the Swiss embroidery process, computerized sewing machines and specialized thread are used to apply your design directly to your garment. One machine can produce 15 garments at the same time and the variety of lettering and logos is almost unlimited. We can also embroider individual names and/or numbers via this process.


    Combining tackle twill and Swiss embroidery creates appliqué designs. Your design is produced from tackle twill and then highlighted and/or attached to the garment with a “satin” stitch from our computerized embroidery machines. The result is a very classic, custom-made product that produces a look unlike anything else. As with our other lettering methods, the possibilities are almost endless.